Friday, November 30, 2007


Friday, November 30, 2007

its the day after the second day of being paid to stand around. its 11.42 pm, but earlier (and now i think) the weather is lovely. Lovely? At night?
yup, it was! if only malaysian weather was like this all the time, cool and super windy. my neighbors wind chimes have not stopped chiming since i got home, its really a lovely sound. on the other hand, the wind is whistling through the windows, freaky but cool at the same time. cool because you know it must be really howling out there.

ok. so we volunteered to ... volunteer with some halal conference, even though we had no idea what we were supposed to do until like the day before. turns out all we had to do ws usher people about 20 meters from the registration counter to the conference hall, then herd them to the lunch/coffee break areas. and the best bit is it was rm50/day, with two days making it 100 ringgit for basically standing around. but that doesnt mean it wasn't tiring - especially since i was in heels and standing for hours in heels is a recipe for chronic foot disaster. they feel like they are going to fall off. for the first day we had to be there at 7-ish - that meant waking up at 5.30am. the second day started later at 2.45, but still - getting there was an adventure in itself.
at the end of the first day my dad said he'd still have to be there early tomorrow, and my brother said he wanted t go early as well. ok. so who was gonna send us? how would we et there? (my dad picked us up from uia on the first day at 6.30am)

anyways, i arranged with my friends to meet at the lrt at 1pm so we'd have ample time in case anything came up. then on the day i wake up at 10 and i see my brother is still at home, so i say "i thought you were going in the morning?" but he didn't say anything. ok...
so bla bla bla i was watching tv then at 11 my brother comes up and says get ready coz he's going. and i ask, when? he says - now.
b-b-but i was going to meet my freinds at 1...!
i'm going now
so i go to my room and debate whether i should just go with my friends at 1 or call them and tell them to get ready pronto coz my bro didn't go in the morning.

11.20 - i decided whatever the case i should take a shower first. afterwards i decided i would go with my friends - what would i do alone in pwtc for 3 hours anyway?
so i continue my tv watching. meanwhile my brother didn't seem like he was going to shower anytime soon.

12 - my bro finally takes his towels in preparation for the shower, so i decide i might as well tell my friends that my brother could get us if we were in uia at 12.30. but that was kinda tight, so zah and hiba said they would go by lrt.

12.20 - my brother still hadn't showered - so i told hiba she could come at 12.45 with zah. 5 minutes later my brother hands me his shirt (can you iron it for me?) and says, i think i'll just pray in uia.


so then i relay this message to everyone to their exasperation
sorry guys!!!
and sorry zah that i stressed you out and you couldn't make it!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Monday, November 26, 2007

in my...... okay where i live, there's these bunch of kids who are blonde. which is weird because we live in the malay-est kampung in the world. its funny to see some blonde kids running around, chatting to the old folks, helping their mom/gram at the stalls. and i don't care what this computer says. i spell blond with an e. blond just looks stumpy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

this week in history

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Pick up your chin there's a saint on the mend
On a burnt out estate born of bones that don't bend
Coming back stealing hearts pulling through
Brand fire new"

'Mary on the mend - Cherry Ghost'

ummm...well i just like that song.
so i am 20 now, old, yes i know. but nowadays 20 is still young, i think. back in the old days 20 was when you were like, really adult. but nowadays i think that age has been pushed back to 25.

lotsa stuff happening/happened this november. ok, my birthday, yeah. then the merdeka tennis festival which i so badly wanted to go to but didn't. i mean, nadal, federer, gasquet and sampras all in one? who wouldn't wanna go? aparantly, my dad who would rather watch it on tv.

then the live and loud festival - james morrisson!!! but te tix are sooooooooo expensive!

lulu lala lalaleeelalalala

wahooey - gotta get back to tv - federer vs sampras is on

Monday, November 5, 2007

2 down, 2 more to go......

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ahhh....exam time. don't you just love the feeling? luxuriating in piles of papers and stacks of books, which caress your fingers ever so gently..Paper cut you say? Why, never! they wouldn't dream of such a thing! the poor dears...all they want is for us to SUFFER!!!!!!!!
ah yes. I.HATE.EXAMS.
its not just the never ending studying, the guilty 4 hour breaks after each half an hour of perusing over scribbles which were conjured up in place of actual notes. its the whole experience. the not-knowing-where-you-stand. WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME???!!!???sheeeeesh...and they doesn't only mean lecturers, mind you. its also the people who take your test paper out of the box without so much as a whisper, resulting in a whole day totally wasted since you weren't planning on setting foot in UIA, but had to come and get your test which was conviniently MISSING. Then they try to water down their guilt by 'oh, you got so good on your test, terernye, highest mark! alah, exam mesti dapat 'A' punyelah, tak yah tengok test pun takpe...'
yeah right.
and then the actual exams.
as luck would have it, for my first exam i was sitting near the front, (which meant i couldn't look around which i do when i'm thinking) next to someone who had disgustingly bad breath, giving me a terrible headache and thus i couldnt think and so i might just fail.
and in my second exam, i was at the back, which was good, but that meant i was also near the bathrooms and those bathroom doors are super noisy! plus there was a curious stench of dead cat lurking nearby. and for this second paper we didn't have enough time! my last question was al wonky, my graph was just a scribble. but it was the same for everyone, so at least thats ok.
now the last two papers. i should be studying, i know, but i'm so tired and hungry. and thats why i'm wasting my time blogging in the itd lab.





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