Monday, November 5, 2007

2 down, 2 more to go......

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ahhh....exam time. don't you just love the feeling? luxuriating in piles of papers and stacks of books, which caress your fingers ever so gently..Paper cut you say? Why, never! they wouldn't dream of such a thing! the poor dears...all they want is for us to SUFFER!!!!!!!!
ah yes. I.HATE.EXAMS.
its not just the never ending studying, the guilty 4 hour breaks after each half an hour of perusing over scribbles which were conjured up in place of actual notes. its the whole experience. the not-knowing-where-you-stand. WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME???!!!???sheeeeesh...and they doesn't only mean lecturers, mind you. its also the people who take your test paper out of the box without so much as a whisper, resulting in a whole day totally wasted since you weren't planning on setting foot in UIA, but had to come and get your test which was conviniently MISSING. Then they try to water down their guilt by 'oh, you got so good on your test, terernye, highest mark! alah, exam mesti dapat 'A' punyelah, tak yah tengok test pun takpe...'
yeah right.
and then the actual exams.
as luck would have it, for my first exam i was sitting near the front, (which meant i couldn't look around which i do when i'm thinking) next to someone who had disgustingly bad breath, giving me a terrible headache and thus i couldnt think and so i might just fail.
and in my second exam, i was at the back, which was good, but that meant i was also near the bathrooms and those bathroom doors are super noisy! plus there was a curious stench of dead cat lurking nearby. and for this second paper we didn't have enough time! my last question was al wonky, my graph was just a scribble. but it was the same for everyone, so at least thats ok.
now the last two papers. i should be studying, i know, but i'm so tired and hungry. and thats why i'm wasting my time blogging in the itd lab.





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