Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i should come down this road more often...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

so i was using the net, like always. and i felt like listening to i'm callin you by outlandish and then i went on a whirlwind of wikipedia, google, and youtune scouring them all for interviews etc etc. i get obsessive quite often. this morning it was mike rowe (of dirty jobs fame)

then i stuble upon this interview by the islam channel and this guy named hamza robertson was being interviewed, so i check out his music. then in the same interview the host says dawud, and i check up dawud wharnsby ali's music. and stuff about him. i knew he was Canadian but apparently he was born in kitchener ontario! thats where i was born! so my i'm thinking, what if my parents knew him? unlikely, since he reverted to islam in 1993 and we moved to the us in 194 and even before islam he was a singer person so he wouldn't have stayed in small town Kitchener i guess. but that is cool. he came to Malaysia i think, ilham went with ala if I'm not mistaken. he should come again, like have this mega nasheed concert with outlandish, sami yusuf, zain bikha, hamza et al.
yup they should definitely come.

look into my eyes - beautiful song!!!
also our creation by hamza robertson

*yes, i am a late bloomer. i know. that isam phase was like, 2 years ago for everyone else. but this is a good phase, no? need to get my act together...*

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Aneesah said...

Haha, I can get quite obsessive sometimes too. It's so weird, like suddenly I'll have 21 open tabs all about a certain famous person and spend hours reading. -_- But after a few days it'll be likely that I've forgotten all about what I searched for anyway. Curiosity is a weird thing!

I was there when Dawud Wharnsby Ali came, woohoo. :D Zain Bhikha was pretty awesome, too. I've never heard of Hamza Robertson, will find some songs soon. ^^

Unknown said...

hee hee i never knew anyone was obsessed like me...
you're soo lucky you went!! i have no idea what i was doing at that time, why i didn't go. probably too busy with my a-levels.

widaad said...

the Isam phase never ends..it comes back every so often.

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