Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thursday, February 14, 2008

I’ve been eating alone a lot lately…its so sad…last night my lonely dinner consisted of 2 pau' kari ayam and the other chocolate.
Today in halaqah I got the “sis, are you a foreigner?” again. No, I’m malay, I reply. In my head though, yeah, I’m a foreigner, in my own country, and everywhere I go.
on the way back from halaqah, which ended at 10 p.m., a bird flew across the road (like, in the sky, but it was flying at tree level) the way it was flying was... different. so i actually crossed the street and stood under the tree it had perched in and stared at it, trying to figure out what bird it was. it definitely wasn't a crow, it was too big. not a stork either, too small. i think it could've been an owl or an eagle. because it was so silent. and brownish. and it looked the right size. anyways, i must've looked possessed, standing under a huge tree and staring at it, unmoving, at 10.30 p.m..
I’m goin back on Saturday this week. i have a presentation on friday night. Unless someone is kind enough to pick me up Friday night. Next week is going to be horrible.

Think positive
Think positive

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Account of how my day went Wrong

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today actually started last night. I was working on my group assignment. Of course, my group members contributed, but in contribution, I mean, go to wikipedia and copy the information. A kid could’ve done that. Even though I wasn’t really done, I had to go to bed at 1, because tomorrow (today) I needed to meet one of my group members at 10. we had agreed. I actually suggested 11, since I know she wakes up late, bt she said 10 was better.


So I go to sleep. Wake up at 9.15 to get ready and stuff. I go and shower. I need to iron my clothes, so I trun on the iron. The cords are tangled so I try to untangle them. My iron falls down, hot plate side, onto my skirt. A big gaping hole appears and a whole bunch of sticky substances are deposited onto my iron. Stupid stupid iron. It burns everything!


At 9.45 I get a message, from my group mate, saying can we meet at 11 instead? And please bring q2 ith you thanks.


So I sit and finish off the assignment (meaning just checking the formatting, etc). I do this and then look at my watch – its 10.45. oh crap!

I rush and get dressed – wearing my holey skirt – and speed walk all the way to my studio. I reach there at 11. she is not there.


I wait, and wait, and wait. For 40 now I am getting really annoyed.

She appears. Does not apologize, or even show the slightest notion that she knows she is late.

Now I am really angry.

We check over our assignment. Then she tells me, the maximum is 3000 words. Yesterday she said it has to be 4000, but she wsn’t sure if it was minimum or maximum. We do a word count – 5638 words, not including title page, contents and references.



Her slides are not correct either. Good thing I already did some slides last night.

We try to reduce our word count. Suddenly the cd drive gets ejected, after we burnt our slides onto it. This nudges my thumb drive out.


I put it back in, and look for our report. It is not there. Vanished. Missing.


After 5 minutes of trying to figure out how to recover it (doesn’t vista have auto recovery???)I dump everything in my bag and walk off. The long walk back to my room.(to get the assignment saved on the laptop of course)

In my room it is windy. The door slams shut.

My day sucked. And its only noon.

Friday, February 1, 2008

when i have the laptop i can blog...

Friday, February 1, 2008

30th Jan 2008

What a day…this morning I woke up on time, but I still got out a bit late, so I practically ran to class. But when I got there there were only 2 people in the lecture hall. Weird. The lecturer wasn’t there but I thought that’s ok, he tends to come a bit late anyway. So we sit around and soon 1 or 2 more students come. And no one else. Then we get a text saying no class!

Then in the evening I had to wait for my laptop to save and hibernate so by the time I got out of my room I only had 5 minutes to make it to class on time so this time I really ran. Made it in 7 minutes, but again there were only 2 people there. This time 9/15 people showed up, but when we called our facilitatpr, she said there was no class that day. Then we rechecked our date listings and lo and behold – today was not one of the days that we had class….great. at least I got a ride back, since it started pouring right then. So tired..


29 jan 2008

Tired….but happy.

Today started bad. I woke up late, at 8.10, and my class was at 8.30. sure, enough time to ruch and get ready and make it to class just late if I ran all the way. But I couldn’t run so I just didn’t go. :/ then I also skipped my tilawah class coz I was so sleepy and lazy and more importantly I had a quiz to try and study for. Then my quiz was…okay, easier than I expected but I still don’t think I got the answers. And on the forst page it said MID SEMESTER EXAMINATION. 0.0 10% of the total final grade. Huhu..

Then at night I went to the al-aqsa interculrutal competition. The two teams that qualified for the finals were 2 sets of my friends – one is the old timers ilham ayesha and hannat and the other is nw friends – Sumeyra, khushnood and olla. Granted, I’ve known olla for ages but still.

Ilhams team won by one question, but it was great. The guys finals sucked, their questions were soooo easy! The girls one was way way way tougher, goes to show who they think has more intelligence eh? Just finished summarizing one chapter bt its still too long and its already 12-something but I still have to shower and stuff…huhhh


28th jan 2008

Today I had my preliminary crit #1. so I had to make up a concept for my house design, and I came up with “harnessing the wind”. Nothing they can comment on that unlike if I said its Bali or colonial or contemporary. Then they would be like, what is bali? How is your house colonial? This is not contemporary, you don’t understand your own concept! Well anyway, the design of my house was done in such a way that it was supposed to create a pressure differential between the two sides of the house so that cross ventilation would be possible, in all directions not only from front to back. This concept is actually like that of a plane’s wings with uplift created by pressure differences. Something like that. But the lecturers didn’t really get it and kept asking me why the house was shaped like it was, with so-and-so angles. Anyways, for some reason whenever I present the lecturers have not much to say. Good in a way, but you still need feedback laa. Thing is, I don’t give them things to criticize freely (like some lecturers love doing, its really undue and harsh commentating!), I do things with a purpose and guard what I say. I wouldn’t make a random statement without being able to back it up. Sometimes other students say things they themselves aren’t sure of and then they are exposing themselves to a vicious rapid fire of questions that put them in the spot. Dunno how to really explain it, but basically sometimes the students that get hammered, it’s really partly their fault for saying certain things that are like an open invitation for criticism.

February is gonna be mad, so many assignments due, midterms looming…then just when you think you’ve been given a brief respite March is upon you and that means finals and many many many sleepless nights either studying, working on projects or both!!

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