Thursday, April 3, 2008

Has the holiday started yet?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

assuming i have finished writing all my exams, which i have, then yes, they have started. but i have so many things to do.

1. clean room - half done today
2. clean hostel room - half done yesterday
3. prepare ala's surprise video thingy
4. arrange our studio for accreditation (? what if some people dah balik kampung?)
5. buy gifts for two special people
6. buy munchies for port dickson
7. pay ilham gas money for port dickson
8. basically get stuff ready for our port dickson trip aka ala's surprise kinda bachelorette party
9. heapful of laundry to fold
10. go to my driving class

among other things. haven't been out in ages, and lately i've been getting really massive headaches that are triggered by anything a bit too strong for my senses, like day before yesterday the sun was shining in the morning and my head pounded the whole day. then some bad smells leaked out from the kampung drains and i was spinning for two days. ugh. hope its not anything seriously wrong with my brain - i have hypochondria so i think the worst things are happening to me whenever something is wrong (all the better to be prepared right?) but its better not to say what i think...

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Aneesah said...

Port Dickson! :D How I wish my exams are over... I worry incessantly about everything, but in my mind everything "deserves" that worry and stress and I won't get them done if I don't. =T

I have a similar headache-triggering thing... especially the heat. =[ (And the mere smell of coffee, ew!) The worse part about headaches is the actual physical pounding on the inside of your braiinnn, eurgh.

Good luck with the to-do list, though! Have fun driving, too. :)

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