Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the movie marathon-ing

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So far in the holidays i have watched:

The Spiderwick Chronicles - better than i expected from a nickelodeon movie

The Jane Austen Book Club - was interesting i guess

27 Dresses - james marsden!! - what more can i say?

Win a Date with Tad hamilton - topher!!!

Becoming Jane - did not live up to my expectations. it was just ok

In America - loved this movie!!

Catch Me If You Can - it was based on a true story, mustve been some kinda life!

The Kite Runner - Great Great movie

Anna and The King - lotsa malay actors in this movie. therefore their accents were malay, not thai. looool tom felton as a kid is exactly the same

Juno - eccentric, funny goodness, just the way i like it

The Bourne Identity - the book was better but more confusing...

movies i have lined up:
the bourne supremacy
the bourne ultimatum
the wind that shakes the barley

what else is there to do? i finished reading all my new books and also my new magazines. like the day i bought them.

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