Friday, October 24, 2008


Friday, October 24, 2008

Supposed to be studying but....episode 6 of heroes beckoned. oh well.

Anyone else thinks its really funny/weird that in the airport scenes there are like a ton of token minorities in the background? If you haven't seen it, you'll know what I mean when you do.


My brother was a meanie to my other brother just now. He was upstairs while my other brother was downstairs.Upstairs brother pretended like there was an intruder/attacker. Made strangled noises and all other odd noises and shouted to downstairs brother to run away. Downstairs brother believed him (that there was an attacker), and was really worried. crept up the stairs with the biggest kitchen knife after calling upstairs brother over and over (who didn't reply). Upstairs brother burst out laughing, the kind of point-at-you and laugh your butt off hyena laugh. me and downstairs brother didn't find it funny at all. now upstairs brother if apologizing non-stop. downstairs brother, as is per normal, says nothing.

its mean to play on someone's emotions like that, and its not something to joke around with, that situation, if it were to occur.

its comforting to know downstairs brother wouldn't run away but try and save you if anything happened.


despite exams, will be hopefully going out for dinner soon, with friends.

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Aneesah said...

Ooh. I haven't watched episode 6 yet. But I find this season utterly ridiculous, plot-wise. It's like the twists and turns are merely there for the sake of twists and turns. And nothing quite makes sense to me.

Anyway, urgh, jahat gile upstairs brother! x( I hope he realised the consequences of faking a break-in like that. What if downstairs brother called the police or something? They won't be happy to know it was a joke. And it's "the boy who cried wolf" all over again, innit? What if -- God forbid -- it wasn't a game next time?

(Like the way you referred to them as Upstairs and Downstairs brothers. :D Mine might be Basement brother, Kitchen brother and 1st Floor brother.)

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