Saturday, November 8, 2008

The awesomest thing in the world...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is what I have to do this holiday. Was watching an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends a while back and that line came on. Basically means make do of the free time you have.

Today started like any other day, woke up, and surfed the net for a while. Then got bored.
Sat down at my now clean desk and made a card, for no one in particular. Just felt like making one. Then after a while I rummaged through my drawers and came up with my stash of letters from friends, and it was such fun to read all the nonsense we sent each other. So I sat down and wrote two letters, one for myself (if you know me well you know what that one's for) and one for my friend. Then I decided that it would be kinda boring just giving a letter so I made her some stuff. Found my stash of unfantastic pictures so I used them to draw on. Here is an example. Its super fun to do.This was taken at some military air show thing in Richmond, but obviously the airplanes were in the sky and tiny. So I ended up with a load of sky pictures, perfect for drawing on.

I had some questions I was going to post but I totally forgot what they were.

I miss having TechTV on Astro. It’s amazing seeing the development of some people throughout, like Kevin Rose for example. Here is someone who was passionate about something, and worked at it not caring what others thought, and look where it got him now. From background tech support guy to Hosting that show to founder if one of the biggest social bookmarking sites, Digg. Reading about all these successful people kinda makes me sad. Wondering if I’ll ever be successful and happy with what I do. But I guess you can only be successful if you have goals, which I don't seem to have.


Wrong approach Maryam! You’re supposed to be inspired, not depressed!

Anyways, Insha'Allah, orchid garden with Sumeyra tomorrow for a photo shoot. Of the flowers, not of us!

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Aneesah said...

Aww! Drawing on pictures is such a cool idea. Like traditional Photoshop-ing. XD Oh and I've read that with film cameras, you can scratch/draw on the negatives (I s'pose in a dark room...) before developing it, and then it'll come out exactly like your sky picture there, only with white lines. =D

Letter-reading and writing use up time amazingly well. x) Reading old letters somehow immediately puts you in a good mood, too.

AND YEAH TECHTV waaa! T_T It turned into G4TechTV for awhile, and then just G4, with barely any of the original shows anymore. I loved CallForHelp and Screen Savers and that Gear show.. (Fresh Gear? Argh tak ingat nama.) And yes, all the hosts! Leoooo and Patrick and that short bespectacled guy.. Chris, was it? Pirillo, ah yeah.

Wish they were back on TV. =)

maryamHmz said...

i hated g4's AOTS. at first it wasnt so bad, but then it just got so brash, i mean, all the in-your-face rude humour just didn't cut it for me. sad really, especially when the original hosts started to leave. content wise also gone way down, a variety show rather than techie stuff :(

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