Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolution - revised

Monday, December 29, 2008

This is the first time I've actually bothered to do a list, but if writing them out and broadcasting them to the public will help me get them done, then thats what I'll do. In no particular order,

1. Read more Qur'an - and try to understand it too.

2. Work on my fitness/energy level - Hiba and I are planning to do some sort of physical exercise every week at least - keep me honest Hiba!!

3. Gain some weight - Now I weigh almost 45kg (!) gunning to gain at least 2kg which would put me in the 'normal' BMI range. which entails eating more I guess. And exercising, which would by right make me hungry/need more energy.

4. Start learning another language - UIA offers classes at night for Mandarin, French, Arabic and some other languages. There are plenty of online options. Choose one!

5. Maintain or upgrade my CGPA - It fell for the first time last semester. Do my assignment on time. If its groupwork make sure its up to par. Study for exams earlier, with a study plan followed through. Read all questions carefully and check. Recheck. Again. Apply whatever knowledge/tips from last semester's studio. Consult more. Explore.

6. Strive to become a better person - Overall. Be more mindful of others. Don't take anything (or anyone) for granted. Be positive and passionate. Give unconditionally. Less paranoia.

7. Write more - Improve vocabulary and Academic writing. Try writing in a variety of genres with different target audiences, different content and delivery.

8. Read more - Read more intellectual stuff. Read all the news, not just the headlines. Don't skip through sentences. Read each word carefully and understand.

9.Learn a new skill (or more) - Like web design. Working on that already.

10. Manage my time more wisely -

11. Budget!! - less chocolate binges. less coffee truck. basically less impulse (food) shopping. Write down expenditures.

12. Driving license - working on it already

13. Figure out (or work towards figuring out) my life goals

14. Pound some discipline into my system

15. Work on my people skills

16. Figure out how my mind works (or doesn't) and fix it

Any suggestions/comments?

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Nadiahtul Zahraa said...

perhaps #17 should be - eat more sushi ;)

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere, that to make it more workable, a goal has to be very very specific, in a way that we not only outline the whats of the goal, but the hows. So instead of writing, for example, "never be late for class", we could write "leave the house at least an hour before class starts so that I can reach class 20 mins b4 it starts".

I love your new blog design! you made it happen :D (and without spending a cent!) Yay for Maryam!!!

Unknown said...

@Nadiah: perhaps - or just plain EAT MORE...

@Meem: Yeah I heard that too, but still working on the finer details. Some I have no idea how to do though - like 13, 15, 16. Need help with that.

Unknown said...

Oh and thanks Meem!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the physical activity! Especially swimming!!

Actually yam I do have a resolution and it's just one thing. Sometimes setting your heart on one goal can make everything else work out in just the right way for you to achieve that goal.

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."~The Alchemist :)

Btw, it's so cool how you made your blog into what you wanted!

Waji said...

You go girl!!!

It's a lot of stuff... but you can do it!!! hehehe.. =D (omg how corny)

Anyway since you plan to gain weight... embrace every bite of your food and explore all the various cuisines out there... it might just work..

Btw, good luck on your driver's license!!!

Unknown said...

@hiba yep swimming sounds good! meem makes me wanna run too, but not a marathon straight away:P And you make perfect sense, as always.
Still working on my blog design - just little tweaks:)

@wajihah thanks!!!

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