Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 1 - Not So Bad

Friday, December 26, 2008

Week one of My 2nd semester of my second year of university is fast coming to an end. So what have I gotten from it? Well, here goes.

Firstly, the newbies this semester are non-existent, or much less conspicuous compared to before. Either that, or my eyesight is really beginning to fail me. That said, its harder this semester to really see what's going on in uni because of the huge green barrier that separates and thus blocks our vew of the bridge. Also, I haven't been doing my usual rounds at the library and ITD so I don't pass the more densely populated areas of UIA.

What else...? Ah yes - I moved into my hostel on the second day of uni. Shocking I know. But I didn't want to be late for my 8 a.m. class the next day. Now that I think about it though - studio is also at 8a.m. that means I'll probably be late every Monday.

Not forgetting, of course, the terrible accident that happened on Wednesday. Please refer to my last post.

Thursday was Christmas - so I went back home. Thinking I would relax. but instead I was edgy all day long. hmm..

It felt weird - usually the first week of studio we are rushing around doing site analysis and minor projects et cetera, but this week - nothing. Monday was a short brief, and today we started the day off with a Long Tazkirah in the Main Auditorium, delivered by Br. Yusuf Estes on DVD. Studio will resume at 3p.m. later today with input lectures on Precedent Studies and Site Analysis. I have a feeling I've already been to the Site Analysis lecture, but it's compulsory. Oh well. Time to load up on some chocolate :)

I got 7/10 for this quiz I did just now - my guessing skills are quite good I guess lol!

Tomorrow - I'll be doing this insha'Allah.

should be a spot of fun right?

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aizat said...

i got 8/10 on that quiz.yay

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