Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi, I'm still alive...!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I’ve been so so busy the past few weeks that I haven’t even had time to think – its 1.40 a.m and I just got back to my hostel room. Had to write something because my brain was saturated with fragments. There’s so much that I want to write about – my trip to Ulu Yam, our 4-day study trip to Cameron highlands and Kelantan, My crazy schedule, the SRC Elections, Studio, Friends, The semester in general, my cat, Our trip to the orphanages, Debate and presentation skills, etc.

The rest can wait, but The SRC Elections are on Thursday, and this time around, I actually know some of the candidates. The dilemma now is – who to vote for? It’s a close call, but I’ve promised100% of my support to one of them and Scorpios are apparently a loyal bunch. May the best candidate win, Insha ‘Allah.

When I find the time – hopefully during the Chinese New year holiday a.k.a our midterm break (isn’t that cheating – using public holidays as school hols? They should be separate!) I’ll be able to post some pictures and proper text commentary.

Twittering is fun – I reiterate – especially when no one cares, and I add, especially when you can twitter from your phone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good to know you're still around ;).

We could only elect people from our kulliyyahs! What on earth, I found that.. unfair. Especially when the candidates usually have poor publicity, how do we know who to vote for? At least I knew some of the other extra-kulliyyah ones, but too bad there was no option to vote for them.. it was different from last year, this time. Did you face that too, or maybe it was because I voted at the computer lab in HS..

Tweeting by phone is hip and happenin'!

maryamHmz said...

yeah thats right - but i guess since we usually dont even know ppl from our kulliyyah who are running what or how on earth are we supposed to know those from other kulliyyahs?

this was the first time i voted...

Atira. said...

ehh you went to the cameron highlands/kelantan trip?

are you in third year architecture?

Atira. said...

ohh its you! :P

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