Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sunday, February 8, 2009

there's so much work
I think i'm starting to panic, which is not good.
I've had truckloads of work before, but then I've always had the resources to be able to complete each task up o my standards. Now its just scary how those standards are dropping.

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Aneesah said...

Yeah, I've never had more panic attacks (they kinda come in waves and then BAM and then I feel like just curling on my bed and sleeping away all the problems. But of course that doesn't happen.) than during the week before a crit. Every time.

I don't think I really have standards anymore. =\ You *would* like each piece of work to be well-done and represent you as a designer and look good, polished, well-thought-out, but in reality... it all ends up as ... "heck, I just need to get these done". Luckily so far, the results doesn't turn out half-bad.

anisah shurfa said...

I know that feeling.

But since you are an architecture student, what you feel must be what I feel, times a thousand.


*Quietly dies*

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