Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pumpkin pie, anyone?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Imagine you have a small, and I mean really small, piece of your favourite pie. And you have so many people to share it with. First there’s your family, after all, blood runs thicker than water right? And you have an obligation to your family that you sometimes ignore but it exists nonetheless. they made the pie, so they should get the biggest piece, right?

Then there’s your longtime friends, yeah, the ones who have been with you through the years through thick and thin and understand each other’s limitations, faults and weaknesses and accept you for who you are. You see them rarely, but when you do, you have the finest of times. If anyone, you’d want to share that pie with them the most.

Not forgetting, of course, the friends you met along the way. You rarely see them too, but you value their different point of view, their exuberance, and their general joie de vivre. In the haze that surrounds you, they are like a breath of much needed fresh air. A piece of your pie surely belongs to them, too.

Then you have your other friends, the people who’ve been through all that you’ve been through and even if you weren’t closest buddies, you’re still pretty tight, after all, you see each other almost every day. They deserve a bit of the pie too, don’t you think?

And then imagine, you have not just these four sets of people in your life. Oh no. you’ve moved around so much and gathered so many friends and acquaintances that you can’t walk 100 meters without bumping into someone you know, who usually, also wants a piece of your pie.

Now imagine that pie is yourself. And in your effort to share, everyone just gets crumbs, and you crumble in the process.


3 hitchhikers:

Unknown said...

I'm not a pie. I'm a pot luck stew. If you take some from my pot, you'll have to add in some as well. That way I never run out.

Unknown said...

interesting system...

Anonymous said...

just go according hierarchy n priority.cause whos near u care more.u cant treat everybody same when level of care is different. its tiring.just priority.
then give n take.(well share is about it right). who give u much deserve get a equal from u.
balance n dont make urself hard. :)

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