Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Semester

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New semester is supposed to bring new hope, the brightness of your whole future ahead of you, a fresh page and a new leaf. Determination to make today better than yesterday, this semester, better than the last. But panic seizes up inside of me. I realize I'm now a third year student, a final year student, one that will, insha'Allah, be a graduate by this time next year. I'm not ready for this. After all, what do I know? I'm suddenly a senior that needs to dish out advice to my juniors if they come asking. I'm supposed to have a degree of surety in whatever i have been taught. University life seems so short. I have not accomplished anything worth shouting about, and I’m definitely not armed for the reality of the outside world. My life, as always has been the protected, sheltered one. One that, you could say, was on the easy rote. Family always never more than a few minutes away. Environment, familiar, as were the faces.

I'm hoping it might just be new semester jitters, but I’ve been in an abysmal mood since the first day.


One of my seniors said, as an architect, you can’t just wait around for things to happen. You have to be ahead of the crowd, you have to know your strengths and not be shy about telling people what you’re good at. I don’t think I could ever do that. The thing I hate most to do is to be an imposition on anyone. I don’t want to be putting anyone on the spot. Which is why I don’t ask the questions that really bug me, even if they eat me up inside. But I digress.

Cheer up, Maryam! C’mon…

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Unknown said...

“The thing I hate most to do is to be an imposition on anyone.”

If everyone thinks like this nothing will ever get done. People like to be bothered. It makes them feel wanted and useful. I used to stay out of everyone's way because I'd thought I'd be a burden. Turns out more often than not, people like it more when other people are around to “bother” them.

Everybody has different flaws. So by that logic, everybody has different strengths as well. Don't keep your advantages to yourself, be selfless and share them with the world~

I'm entering my final year as well and I'm feeling the pressure big time. It's nervewracking. But Allah doesn't put obstacles in front of you that you could not overcome.

Keep a level head, be confident and march forward. Whoo~

P/S: Maybe it *is* just “new semester jitters”. Ha :P

Sunglasses =D said...

Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and jade thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off thy care, leave Allah's plan to Him-
He formed them all without consulting thee.

-Omar Khayyam

Not sure how encouraging that is, but it is the truth, nonetheless.

We're all exactly where we're supposed to be, walking on paths that can only lead us to a future that holds only what is best for us. As long as we strive, and have faith...

Unshakable optimism has always helped me out of times of doubt =)

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