Saturday, September 26, 2009


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Malaysian Open at Mandarin Oriental
(Just a warning: this is a departure from my rather abstract posts of late)

Just by luck I was shifted from the info n booth department (blah) to the Hotel and hospitality department \(^.^)/

It’s not that tiring, we get quite a few perks. Comfortable environment (second home remember :P) and the opportunity to observe how the tennis players interact and stuff. Some of the things they do are just hilarious. hard to explain why, but they just are. It’s a good hard look behind the scenes. There weren’t that many fans, only one fan actually stayed the whole day in the lobby. But MO are really nice about it so far, anyway he's not causing any trouble and is a very quiet Japanese (I think) man. We assumed he was a Hewitt fan since he was wearing the same necklace as Hewitt, so whenever i pass him i ask if he's gotten anyone's autograph. I think today he managed to get quite a few. Most of the players are nice enough; at least none are rude or really unfriendly.

My colleagues are also quite nice. My supervisor Janet from Hong Kong is very organized and understanding. Her assistant Shirley is also very organized but a little bit strict. The two other volunteers, Zalikha and Ellie, are very cute and total opposites, Ellie is calm and quiet while Zalikha is bubbly and a little bit hyper. But they’re fun to be around, and we have fun talking and discussing things. Things, as in, players and people haha.

Veronica is our transport liaison par excellence, always on top of everything.

The only downside to being near the players is you realize how painfully short you are. Huhu

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Drug Buddy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Drink it in, that bitter pill
You’re running short on drugs
The grey is lonely, the black is still
And Murphy cries for hugs

A game of chicken between us both
Who’ll be the first to blink?
You always win, most of the time
But that’s just what you think

I’ll corner you and ask you why
I’ll burn you with these sweets
And though you try and try and try
You’ll end up in defeat

The battle wages, forth and on
It carves in me a hole
But both our silence fills the void
That grows within our souls

One day we’ll tire, or else give up
Then each to their own way
And in regret we’ll think of when
Our drug could save the day

Blur by ~girlnotpretty

Friday, September 18, 2009

Awake in Dreaming

Friday, September 18, 2009

I awake, into my dream
I climb out into the nostalgic sunlight, golden and warm on my skin
This is a hidden memory, one from the future
The red walls, serene and academic
The faint chatter of hungry minds in the faraway distance
I know this place, yet I’ve never been here
This is yours, your past and I am intruding, but its not my choice
And as everyone flows around me, I walk in a daze
Two teams are playing, a ball bouncing up and down and up,
Impossibly, on a hill, and one team is in blue, I remember
I wander on into a parking lot, empty and bare and suddenly I am afraid, alone
I find my way out, rushing back to the warm sun, the chatter, the crowd
And separated by a screen, I touch your fingers and whisper
I tell you what plagues my mind
I apologise
I know people are watching but I also know,
with regret, that this is just a dream
and you smile, nod, and understand
and as I’m pulled against my will away from my reverie
we are walking side by side into a dim future
and I awake, into the dullness of reality

Holding hands by ~homarte

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Desert Wish

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is there anything more beautiful that a star spangled sky on a cool cloudless night?
A longing for the open emptiness that a Desert posesses
The freedom from the ropes and ties of mundane life
Purity of minds and thought, concentration on what is essential
Focus of energy to building up your soul
Connection with yourself, with Nature, and with The Almighty
To hear your heart, as loud and clear as a hidden stream
To be in tune with the land, the creatures, the air, wind and sun
To submit yourself wholly to God
Is there a dream more wonderful than this
or one less a struggle?

written July 1, 2008 by mh

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Its the eyes that call you in,
But no matter how hard you try,
You can never remember the color that they show,
Only the hold
of their penetrating gaze

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