Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Desert Wish

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is there anything more beautiful that a star spangled sky on a cool cloudless night?
A longing for the open emptiness that a Desert posesses
The freedom from the ropes and ties of mundane life
Purity of minds and thought, concentration on what is essential
Focus of energy to building up your soul
Connection with yourself, with Nature, and with The Almighty
To hear your heart, as loud and clear as a hidden stream
To be in tune with the land, the creatures, the air, wind and sun
To submit yourself wholly to God
Is there a dream more wonderful than this
or one less a struggle?

written July 1, 2008 by mh

3 hitchhikers:

Aiman Amani said...

Dear (emmm...) Kak Maryam,

Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment too! I love the poems in your blog. Do you write them yourself? I love poetry.

You're currently studying Architecture aren't you? My mum suggests me to study Architecture too. She also suggests Actuarial Science but I'm not so sure yet. I wish to become a businesswoman like my mum and grandma instead.

Hiba said...

Beautiful :), heart-opening.

fawizah said...

*thumbs up*


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