Friday, September 18, 2009

Awake in Dreaming

Friday, September 18, 2009

I awake, into my dream
I climb out into the nostalgic sunlight, golden and warm on my skin
This is a hidden memory, one from the future
The red walls, serene and academic
The faint chatter of hungry minds in the faraway distance
I know this place, yet I’ve never been here
This is yours, your past and I am intruding, but its not my choice
And as everyone flows around me, I walk in a daze
Two teams are playing, a ball bouncing up and down and up,
Impossibly, on a hill, and one team is in blue, I remember
I wander on into a parking lot, empty and bare and suddenly I am afraid, alone
I find my way out, rushing back to the warm sun, the chatter, the crowd
And separated by a screen, I touch your fingers and whisper
I tell you what plagues my mind
I apologise
I know people are watching but I also know,
with regret, that this is just a dream
and you smile, nod, and understand
and as I’m pulled against my will away from my reverie
we are walking side by side into a dim future
and I awake, into the dullness of reality

Holding hands by ~homarte

3 hitchhikers:

Sunglasses said...

Based on an actual dream...?

Haha i spent 10 minutes trying to think of somethign profound and deep to say... but i'm no poet.

I've had dreams that have been hard to wake up from. I try to go back to sleep to return to them, but that never works.

Hiba said...

Love it! It is so dreamy, the whole focus is on the girl, and everything around her seems so distant.. very clearly depicted.

"This is a hidden memory.. one from the future" -love that bit, and it reminds me a lot of The Time Traveller's Wife :).

Seems very real.

maryamHmz said...

sunglasses - yes, based on an actual dream. details left out though, i think the piece called for vagueness. maybe.

hiba - thanks hibzy~! you should tell my mom that though, she thinks i have the weirdest and most pointless dreams haha

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