Monday, September 21, 2009

My Drug Buddy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Drink it in, that bitter pill
You’re running short on drugs
The grey is lonely, the black is still
And Murphy cries for hugs

A game of chicken between us both
Who’ll be the first to blink?
You always win, most of the time
But that’s just what you think

I’ll corner you and ask you why
I’ll burn you with these sweets
And though you try and try and try
You’ll end up in defeat

The battle wages, forth and on
It carves in me a hole
But both our silence fills the void
That grows within our souls

One day we’ll tire, or else give up
Then each to their own way
And in regret we’ll think of when
Our drug could save the day

Blur by ~girlnotpretty

3 hitchhikers:

Aiman Amani said...

Your poems are so beautiful. Heard that you had made friends with my sister Aeshah. Nice to hear that.

maryamHmz said...

thanks Aiman~ hehe yeah your sister is an f1 fan like me :)

Aiman Amani said...

Oh,yes... she just LOVE F1. But unfortunately we don't share the same interest.

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