Saturday, July 31, 2010

Have a nice day

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I was waiting for my friends in klcc and as usual that means finding a nook in kinokuniya and burying myself there. The book I picked up was tipping point by Malcolm gladwell, a book that I already had but haven’t read. But it was a good thing that I read that little bit of it yesterday because it made me realize what I wanted to be in life. I want to be a maven. Yep. Now I just have to figure out how, if its something to figure out and not just DO. I suppose it would take a lot of time.

Went to pray at the SUPERcrowded klcc surau (I knew I should have just gone home a.k.a mandarin oriental) it was stuffy and crowded and not at all peaceful. Afterwards I was sitting outside the surau waiting for my friends’ friend while people watching when my eyes focused on a person walking by. For a while I thought, huh this guy looks familiar…and then it hits me and I’m just frozen for a good 2 seconds. I dunno if anyone noticed me spacing out but as soon as a realized I was stunned I snapped out of it, shuddered and resumed all appropriate normalcy. That was really unexpected and weird.

The reason why I was in klcc was that we were going to watch a theater performance at the MPO. This one was called.. umm…Mek Mulung dewa muda or something. I didn’t know anything about the performance and just went along clueless. The start was nice, with a traditional opening act. I was thinking the entire time, asian dances are so hard, because all the movements are so deliberate and slow and measured and just so. Takes a lot of control. The play itself was really weird. Completely pointless but funny I guess, if you understood the language they were speaking in, which was a heavy northern dialect. I didn’t get most of it lol.

This week marks week three of me at work, and so far its been ok. But I dunno how its gonna be next week. My colleague who I was working with on a project left, Friday was his last day. And he was really good at design. I dunno how I’m gonna cope…insha’Allah it will all work out. Huhu

On Thursday I took a day off work to settle my university clearance. Its online now so it makes it much much more easier than the traditional treasure hunt. But the mahallah people didn’t know it was an online dealio, but thank god the person in charge came back just as I was about to leave dejected and in less than a minute a was clear. I am now officially graduated! Wheee~! Oh I also had to sign up for KWSP or EPF and I was surprised that the staff at my local branch were so friendly and helpful! Efficient too.i spent most of the day in UIA though, and walking through the campus made me feel like a first year student again. Which was blissfull. First year was definitely the year that uia was my playground, because lets face it, for the most of my second and third years kaed had me in its clawed clutches and I was just a kaed student, not a uia student. Which is sad. Being a first year student drifting through uia and bumping into people I met, going with the flow, that was pretty sweet. I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Loner me was happy :D ah those were the good old days. And well, even though I’ve graduated, this week alone 4 out of 5 weekdays I found myself in uia, either before or after work. Same old same old story.

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Unknown said...

mayam, i was there, n u dont tell me about the 2nd paragraph incident at all?? :/

maryamHmz said...

lol you don't know the person so it doesnt matter. that was the whole point anyway, just forgetting about it.

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