Friday, July 2, 2010


Friday, July 2, 2010

Today I woke up not in the best of circumstances. I was dead tired yesterday after the caves and I fell asleep without ironing my mom’s clothes, which she already asked me to do. But I woke up refreshed, and for some odd reason, feeling really chipper. I think it stemmed from the fact that I thought I was home alone. Alone time is good. You can do whatever you want at home, without anyone bothering you. You have the whole TV to yourself, and you don’t need to fight for possession of your own pc. You can do chores at your own pace and eat whatever and whenever you want. Not to mention all the silly stuff you’d be too embarrassed to do in front of anyone else. Ehm.

Anyways as it turns out I wasn’t home alone, my youngest brother was just asleep. But my good mood wouldn’t be quashed by this small matter. I had a list of things I wanted to do. Among them included apply for jobs, cleaning up my room, ironing my mom’s clothes, getting my portfolio together, cleaning out my pc, getting the house in order, making crafts, etc2. A lot for a day but I showered and got started. First I worked on my portfolio. Numbered, arranged, zipped. I was actually procrastinating at this point because I had to make phone calls next and I don’t particularly like talking. But I made myself pick up the phone, and proceeded to write down email addresses. I also put a “friendliness” meter next to each firm’s name, depending on the level of friendliness of the receptionist, the bigger the smiley face. Then came the long process of sending out my resume to all those firms. I think I must’ve sent out more than 20.

Cleaning my room didn’t really get anywhere, except I did vacuum my room. I was multitasking at that time. Chatting while vacuuming :p

My mom came back from work tired so my brother went and got food from across the street. We ate dinner at the dinner table, me, my mom and my brother. It was fun, I haven’t sat down with them for a long time and I spent a while telling my youngest brother about…hmm I forgot what we were talking about but the point is it was good catching up. My dad told me and my other brother Muhsin to go grocery shopping at this place called NSK, near selayang. Not a place that I’ve ever heard of or been to, and my mom said it’s like a giant pasar borong and it’s dirty. Not a pretty picture. But when I got there, it was fine! It wasn’t dirty, and it was well enough stocked. Plus they were playing some pretty old school songs (ok old school enough to bring back memories). On the playlist was what makes you different by bsb and lucky by britney spears haha!! Me and Muhsin had fun doing groceries, picking out weird fruits. Muhsin splurged and got 20 ringgits worth of mangoes and 17 ringgit worth of dragon fruit, plus a bunch of grapes. I settled for two grapefruits that only cost rm5. It was really fun just doing normal stuff, but I realized I was so out of touch with home. I didn’t know what we were out of, and even though my mom gave me a shopping list, I didn’t know, for example, what brand detergent we used, what flavor food did my cat eat etc. So getting back in touch was good.

Overall it was a pretty good day. Hoping tomorrow will be the same, I have an interview at ARRA Architect at 6.30 p.m…kinda nervous about that...amazing coz I sent in my CV at like 1 pm, and they called me back for an interview at 4.45 pm. Guess thats a good thing?

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Unknown said...

“Chatting while vaccuuming” ?


Unknown said...

most of the time it was just chatting. but the dust was getting on my nerves so for 5 minutes i vaccumchatted hehe

Anonymous said...

kan dah cakap mayam suke chatting. moon, cepat dtg sokong~!

Anonymous said...

well, now my mum had a new routine, dulu each weekend, akan pergi shopping groceries together,tapi sekarang tak, like tetibe je sume bende dah ade kat rumah. n now, each time we were doing conversation, its different, like u wanna cry, n angry in every word they said.hmnm i miss that old harmony time. where ur heart,soul n body were so close to home. Its changed little by little, n its just now i realized it i'm missing it. I don't know how to fix it.

Unknown said...

@anonymous 1 - kang x chat ade org merajuk pulaaak..

@anonymous 2 - maybe sbb both want to get the last word? kne beralah la slalu. patience

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