Friday, June 3, 2011

National Poetry Month

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last month April was National Poetry month in certain parts of the world and us kata.mata peeps decided to give it a go. The aim was to write one piece per day at least. I tried my bestest and came up just short at 23/30, which is alright I guess? Not that they are any good, but some of them I really liked.

Here is a link to all my April poetry, and below are some of the ones I liked best. Enjoy!

“The Everywhere House” by Maryam H

The everywhere house
sits on anywhere street
filled with everyday men
doing any day feats

“I don’t keep well” by Maryam H

I keep my hands in my pockets,
Or my arms folded across my ribs
Entwined in a clumsy half-knot
And my fists gently clenched

I keep my legs crossed, one over the other
Left over right, right over left
My dangling foot, tapping, dancing, and then still
Shifting my weight and drawing myself in

I keep my eyes darting and roaming into the distance,
Fixated on a faraway oblivion
And then flickering down at my hands, my feet
A perpetual, evasive drill

I keep my hands, my feet, my eyes from you
But still my heart finds yours

“Who wouldn’t?” by Maryam H

did you hear about the girl who never said a word?
they say she holds a milliom gems in her mouth
and when she opens up,
well. i guess we’ll never find out, will we?

well i heard she has a heart that pumps liquid gold
they say thats why she seems so heavy
it kills her, of course, but she’s already broken.
and when she bleeds,
well. she rarely ever does

i heard when she cries, her tears are falling diamonds
hardened with pain and warm with fury
perfectly cut each time

i’d cry all the time if i was her
i’d cut myself and bleed each day if i was her
i’d talk non stop if i was her

who wouldn’t?

“Please, will you not let me” by Maryam H

Please, will you not let me
Trace the contours of your supple words
Indulge me with the presence of your shadow
Give me the pleasure of your warm hand
And I would gladly return the favor

“Periscope” by Maryam H

We plan and we conspire
Whispering secrets and knowing glances
The world was never smaller when we were apart
And never as together as when we were near
We plan and we conspire
History is something we’ll never have

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