Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reflections pt1

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Once in high school my classmate accidentally swallowed a pin, jarum peniti, while she was fixing her scarf. she was brought to the clinic and the news traveled trough our school. It was a very small school mind you, every grade only had one class and in each class was less than 20 students. so everyone knew everyone, and our whole class was abuzz with this news. when she came back from the clinic and i bumped into her coming up the stairs, i asked her what happened and if everything was okay now. and maybe she was tired or something but she answered with "you know Maryam, you should mind your own business"

i was taken aback and kinda saddened because i was asking out of real concern. and i find that ever since then i tend to hold myself back myself from caring too much. some people dont want you to care i guess. now i have to relearn how to do that.

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Aneesah said...

:( I understand how you feel, sometimes our good intentions are misinterpreted. And true, she was probably tired of the questions and having the accident so publicised. But it doesn't mean we should change our good habits or care less at all, kan?

Feminine.Charisma said...

hi :) this case, maybe she was embarrassed by her own stupidity thus decided it was safer to answer like that so that people don't bug her anymore.

but then again, pls don't stop caring to others. one day people will see our good intentions instead of misinterpreting them :)

treat others as we wanna be treated. and don't give up... it is their problems if they simply rude of plain stupid. but don't change the way we're being brought up.. :) sabar ek.. (walaupun cerita ni dah lama berlalu..)

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